I’m from right here in Asheville, NC. Most folks who meet me will tell me that I’m either the first native of this town they’ve met, or that I’m only one finger on the one hand they can count the total they’ve met. I grew up in West Asheville. When I was growing up, it was called “Worst Asheville,” and I struggled to get a ride home from Downtown because I lived “so far away” (I will say though, the Salvation Army thrift store which was the only store around then that I could walk to from my house, was definitely the first place where I started experimenting with my own fashion sense around age 11 or so.) Now it’s “Best Asheville,” and I’ve moved out to the country a bit...and it is legitimately a bit of a trek to town...but I love the privacy, and feeling really at home in these Mountains that run so deep into my heart and soul.

I did actually move to the Triad of NC to complete my Bachelor of Arts degree. After 4 years of getting emotional leaving the mountains behind me in my rearview mirror as I drove back to school after birthdays or holidays, I knew the woods and the streams of the hollers of the Blue Ridge were calling me back home with every gust of wind.

Professionally, I’ve spent most of my career in healthcare. I have worked primarily with women doing health promotion and/or education to eventually working as a substance abuse counselor. That’s where Margaux and I met, working in the field of counseling.

However, I realized working at least 60 hours a week and not practicing self-care wasn’t helping my clients or myself. So, at the age of 30 I decided I’d go a different route while I was still young enough to do so, and I began studying Spanish Interpreting. Around this same time, Margaux was realizing her own professional goals were changing and she was ready to take the leap into making her dream of owning a couture bridal shop a reality. I was just so excited to be able to help her out when I could, and do my part to contribute to her dream’s success.

While Margaux’s got the background in the fashion industry, I feel like my own difficulties as a petite woman (I’m a whopping 4’11” wearing a 4.5 ladies shoe) has given me a pretty unique perspective on making sure the brides who come to Wildflower have the best possible experience. I have never really been able to enjoy shopping because a) if I find clothes in my style, they sure don’t have a small enough size or one short enough in the hem, and b) while I can appreciate the deal I get on kids tennis shoes, I’m a grown woman who’d like to be able to rock some pumps with a little black dress as much as the next lady (not some shoes that have velcro on them (no joke!), or a dress some little girl is wearing to a recital). Bottom Line: I want the bride that comes to our shop to feel fabulous, not frustrated!

While most of my life I’ve generally been one to enjoy anything comfortable and generally pretty granola, I’ve always liked to take chances with my style. I’d say the biggest driving force behind my fashion vibe are clothes that compliment my red hair (and that southern sass that comes along with it of course), and if it’s purple...I’ll make sure it works right on into whatever I’m wearing effortlessly. Overall though, at this point in my life, those are probably the only requirements (as long as I feel amazing, I know I will look that way too).

When I’m not making sure brides are having fun and feeling beautiful at the shop, I’m usually loving on my brown pittbull mix named Serenity and visiting with family or friends, or making every effort to be outside in these wondrous Mountains. While I appreciate most any music, I listen to ‘60s-70s soul like Aretha Franklin, Bill Withers, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, or Ray Charles pretty much on repeat all the time. I’ve found that it’s hard to feel down when you’re listenin’ to Motown.

My favorite gown right now is "Anisia" by Divine Atelier