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So, what is a trunk show?

We get a lot of brides coming in who aren't familiar with the concept of trunk shows, so we wanted to explain how amazing they are!

Origins of the term "trunk show":

In the early 1800's traveling salesmen would journey from place to place with their steamer trunks filled with wares. Everything from the latest designer fashion would be revealed. Retail space was often limited so trunk shows would become the must-see event whenever they rolled into town.

What is a bridal trunk show?

Normally, independent boutiques like Wildflower pick up about 3 styles from each designer's latest collection. Of course, the collection is more than 3 pieces. It's closer to 12-15. A trunk show is when the designer sends a boutique sample gowns from the entire collection, all 12-15 of them. The boutique hosts the trunk show for one weekend, Friday-Sunday, during which is offers all gowns from that designer at a discounted price, usually 10% off. Trunk shows are great for brides who love a particular designer and want to have access to the entire collection, as well as brides who fall in love with a dress that may be slightly beyond her budget. Since trunk shows are always hosted on the weekends and are considered special events, appointments are required. Booking an appointment allows us to focus all our resources towards that bride, giving her the utmost in customer service and special attention.


Some other things to know about bridal trunk shows:

-we do not sell dresses "off the rack" at trunk shows. They are still all special order, and require months to produce.

-depending on the type of trunk show, the dresses will be a certain size. If the trunk show is for the designer's most recent season, the samples will be the ones made for the models. If it's an older season or a "best of" collection, most of the dresses will be in a size 10 or 12.

-the 10% incentive is only available for orders placed during the trunk show weekend.

-the gowns available during the trunk show are only available to order during the trunk show weekend. If we have dresses A, B, and C as part of our normal stock collection, and a bride falls in love with D during a trunk show, Wildflower will only be able to order gown D from the designer during the trunk show weekend. This is a policy created and enforced by most designers.

Check out our trunk show schedule and contact us to make your appointment for one of our upcoming events!



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