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Top Tips for Asheville Wedding Gown Shopping

Gown shopping tips (part 1)


We’ve all seen those uncomfortable episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress” where the bride’s appointment goes haywire for one reason or another and begins to resemble more of a tragedy than what should be an exciting and happy experience. Here are some tips that will help you not only avoid such an exerience but also help to ensure that your experience is as pleasant as possible:

1. Make an appointment.

Some stores are appointment-only, and some take walk-ins all the time or on specified weekdays. If you intend to come during the weekend, call at least 2 weeks ahead to make an appointment. If you want to come in during the week, we recommend calling about 1 week out. We always recommend making an appointment instead of trying to swing a walk-in, because it allows us to reserve the dressing room for you as well prepare for you and your party so we’re best able to accommodate you when you arrive.

2. If possible, schedule your appointment on a weekday.

For obvious reasons, weekends are the busiest time of the week for bridal stores. If you can swing it, make an appointment during a week day. Doing so will lessen the chances of your consultant having to manage any walk-in traffic during your appointment, which allows the consultant to devote herself entirely to you and your party. Additionally, weekends tend to be full of back-to-back appointments, whereas weekdays tend to be off-peak, so it’s normally no big deal if your appointment runs over our 1.5 hour allotment during the week.

3. Start shopping early.

Most gowns take 4-6 months to be produced, and then we always recommend allowing at least 1 month for alterations. So, in order to keep your options open and your selection expansive without incurring any rush production fees, start shopping 9-12 months before your wedding. If your wedding is more than 18 months away, or if you’re not engaged yet, we typically recommend you hold off. Trends and fashions and tastes change, and what you end up liking 18 months before your wedding may be different than what you’re wanting 9-12 months before your wedding.

4. Only bring the people who you truly trust and who know you and your tastes.

Unless you want to end up on some juicy episode of Say Yes to the Dress: Asheville, keep your party small. More people equates to more opinions, and more opinions tend to lead to more confusion. Stick to under 4 trusted companions, whether that happens to include your mother, sister, father, bridesmaid, daughter, maid of honor, or even your fiancé. Bring people who you know will support YOU and your taste and not be shopping for what they like.

5. Decide on a budget, and tell your consultant what it is and how firm it is.

You don’t want to try on and fall in love with a Porsche if your budget is more in line with a Honda. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen, it’s not pretty.

Ok, this was the warm-up round. Tips 6-10 coming next week!

So, what do you think? What tips do you have for brides? Post your comments below!



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