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Gown Shopping Tips from an Asheville Bridal Shop (part deux)

Gown Shopping Tips (part deux)

Happy Monday everyone! So last week I gave out a few recommendations for gown shopping. Are you recently engaged, or have you had less-than-stellar shopping experiences? Check out last week’s post, and then continue on to read tips 6-10!

So, to recap last week’s tips:

-make an appointment

-if possible, schedule your appointment on a weekday

-start shopping early

-only bring the people who you truly trust and who know you and your tastes

-decide on a budget, and tell your consultant what it is and how firm it is

Tips 1-5 were the warm-up round. The next set of guidelines are more challenging, but will be worth your while if you follow them!

6. Be decisive.

As your appointment moves forward and you try on more dresses, try to begin to eliminate the ones that just aren’t wowing you. This should become easier to do as the appointment goes on, as you will be trying on more dresses and getting a feel for what you like and don’t like. By the end of the appointment, you should have a top 1-3, and you should feel comfortable eliminating the others. If you’re having trouble eliminating, this is where you can enlist the help of those trusted companions, as well as your bridal consultant.

7. Don’t hold out for that “ah-ha” moment.

Many brides do have that moment of clarity, and consider yourself fortunate if you do! Some people just don’t feel it like that ever, and some brides feel like that with EVERY dress. If you love fashion, you’re probably going to love several dresses that are rather different from one another. Just as some days you like to be girly and wear soft pink lipstick and a floral dress, other days you may want to wear smoky eyes and all black. Likewise, different gown styles will speak to different aspects of your personal style. Again, this is when you can ask for help from your companions and bridal consultant about how to narrow down your choices. I never had an “ah ha” moment when I was shopping for my bridal gown, and I own a bridal store! I needed my mom to tell me, “this is it.”

8. Come out of the dressing room.

Even if you’re not liking what you’re seeing in the dressing room mirror, wait until you walk out into the viewing area, which usually has better lighting, and wait until your consultant has you all clipped up and accessorized. A dress that gets a 4 in the dressing room can get a 9 once it’s cinched and belted and you stand on a pedestal so it’s not dragging on the floor.

9. Decide on your accessories during your appointment.

We know that you want to focus mainly on the dress, and we don’t blame you. But it’s a lot easier to figure out accessories and veils during your appointment when you’re already in the dress. Otherwise, you will be searching for accessories without the actual dress, which can be difficult if you can’t easily visualize yourself in the dress.

10. This is the most important one of all: BE OPEN MINDED

Everything looks different on the hanger than it does on the body. Our consultants have seen all the dresses on, so even if you’re not crazy about something on the hanger, if we recommend you try it on, go ahead. We know you said you didn’t want lace, so maybe we’re pulling it for you because we know it comes in a non-lace option, or the lace is a very modern lace, etc. You wouldn’t believe how many brides come in saying they don’t want strapless who end up falling in love with a strapless gown! Basically, if there’s specific things you tend to like or dislike in your day-to-day clothing, all that goes out the window when it comes to looking for your wedding gown! I know, it’s kind of mysterious, right?

Ok ladies, got all that? Good! We hope to see you soon!



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