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Gown Shopping Tips from an Asheville Bridal Shop (bonus round!)

We couldn't fit all our tips into a list of 10, so here's a bonus round for everyone!

Ok, there are a few other recommendations we have for dress shopping that may help you out:

Check out trunk shows

Have you fallen in love with a particular designer? We carry Sarah Seven and Hayley Paige, and both designers have large and devout followings. If you’re really swooning over a particular designer, check out your local bridal shop's trunk show schedule and make an appointment for that designer’s trunk show. During trunk shows the shop has access to samples of all the dresses from the designer’s current collection, and most stores offer those gowns at a 10% discount throughout the trunk show. Check out Wildflower Bridal’s upcoming trunk shows.

We love Pinterest, but…

Pinterest is a wonderful tool for being able to show your friends, family, and vendors what you love, but very often those photos or what’s in those photos adds up to over 10k. If that’s out of your budget, allow your vendors and bridal consultants to show you how you can achieve a similar aesthetic without having to sell your organs on the black market. You can check out Wildlfower's Pinterest boards for some inspiration, and we always use our own gowns and accessories, so no 10k gowns here!

Don’t buy online.

When you buy online- we are referring to resale dresses and websites specifically, as well as the "knockoff" industry- you have no guarantee of what you’re getting, if you’re getting anything at all. We’ve heard horror stories of how someone sent over the money order but never received the product, or how a bride thought she was buying a Vera Wang dress when what arrived in the mail was a made-in-China cheap knockoff that she hated. Buying wedding dresses online usually supports illegal copywrite infringement practices and black market trading, so anytime a cheaper copy of a designer's dress is bought online not only does it support illegal activity, but also it takes money away from that original designer, hindering the designer's capability to keep his/her business afloat; and if that designer goes out of business, so does all that creativity and imagination. Not only is buying online a huge risk for the bride, but also it contributes to a cycle that continues to threaten the production of unique, original works of art that influence and progress the bridal gown industry to new levels. Just say no to buying online! 

I hope you have found this helpful and that you will be able to apply some of the guidelines throughout your dress shopping experience! And if you missed the earlier parts of this series, be sure to read up on tips 1-5 and 6-10!



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