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Top 10 Celebrity Wedding Dresses, continued

Hey Everyone! So last week we started our top 10 list of celebrity wedding dresses, and we gave you 10-6: Kate Middleton, Megan Fox, Grace Kelly, Ellen Degeneris and Portia De Rossi, and Keira Knightley. Let's see if anyone correctly predicted who stole our #5-1 spots, shall we?

5. Margherita Missoni

Margherita is the bohemian queen heir to the Missoni empire, so it's only right that her wedding celebration and her gown and accessories oozed beautiful gypsy romance. We love the off the shoulder look, and she's able to pull off those huge pouffy shoulders without looking like an 80s bride gone bad! If that is not a sheer testament to her personal style, we don't know what is! We also love the styling of the veil, headpiece, the braided updo, natural makeup, and of course that beautiful smile. This look could have been all wrong on a different person, but it is oh so right on Margherita!


4. Bianca Jagger

The ex Mrs. Jagger defied the cool girl look in this sexy 70s skirt suit. The hat, the sunglasses, the too cool for school expression, the bare skin under the jacket, it's all so utterly... well, cool!! We love how Bianca could have really gotten herself all deckd out in the most couture gowns and have been dripping with diamonds, but she kept it understated, simple, and totally rock 'n' roll!


3. Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

Mrs. JFK Jr. always nailed chic, understated style, and her wedding gown was no exception. This can be a very tough look to pull off, as there isn't any boning or structure to hold things, um, "in place"- and Carolyn wears this magnificently. We love the bias cut, the cowl neck, the silhouette the just skims the outline of her body without being too tight or too loose, the gloves, the low bun, and just the total ease of it all. Her style, and this wedding photo, will live on forever.

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2. Olivia Palermo

If you've ever seen "The City" you would know that Olivia is not exactly portrayed as the most warm and welcoming of girls, but hey, we're not ranking congeniality here! There's no denying that her wedding ensemble was just spectacular- from the cashmere long sleeve tee, to the removable skirt, the shorts, the something blue heels, the pearl studs and the effortless ponytail, her look is completely original and creative yet effortless and understated. And boy did she start a trend- get ready for bridal rompers, shorts, and removable shirts galore!

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Drum roll please.... our #1 Wedding Ensemble of all Time Is:  

Gwen Stefani!!!

We can't. Just, there's no words. How perfectly does Gwen's gown reflect her personal style?! Pretty dang perfectly! Ever since her early 90s No Doubt days when she was sporting plaid golfer pants and crop cut up tank tops, through the evolution of her ready to wear and babies clothing lines, to now being a mom, Gwen's style has continued to remain extremely original, creative, fun and sexy. And what better way to achieve that in her wedding ensemble than by commissioning Christian Dior's John Galliano to create a custom hot pink ombre wedding gown! 

Honorable mentions would also like to be extended to Lauren Bush, Lily Allen, Liz Taylor (specifically, her first marriage), and Raquel Welch. 


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