Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require appointments?

Yes! We want to give you our undivided attention and make the shop feel like your private dressing room while you're here, and in order to do so we require appointments. We keep the front door locked at all times because we don't want anyone interrupting our brides during this fun and intimate experience. Imagine yourself towards the end of the appointment, coming to the decision that this could be your gown. We help accessorize you to make everything feel more complete, and you truly see yourself as a bride and you get emotional- just then a stranger walks in the door wand wants to look aroud and has questions for your consultant- that's what we DON'T want and why we lock our doors!

We recommend that you book your appointment with us about 3-4 weeks ahead of time. Our weekends tend to fill up about 2-3 weeks out, and weekday availability can be a little unpredictable!

If we are full during your requested date or time, we are happy to look at alternative dates, or we can put you on the wait list and call you should something open up ;-)

This will be my first bridal appointment. What should I expect?

That is so exciting! We're honored you want to make Wildflower Bridal part of your gown shopping experience, and maybe even purchase your gown with us!

There are 4 main factors to keep in mind when first shopping for your wedding gown:

1. Everything looks different on you and your body than it does on the hanger or in Pinterest/magazine photos. It's in your best interest to be open-minded and try on different styles per your stylist's suggestions, even if you're not really liking the gowns on the hanger. Brides often surprise themselves by having strong emotional reactions to gowns they do not expect to like. If you end up falling in love with a gown that you never expected to, that's ok! Embrace it! Even if it doesn't fit what you envision to a T, if that's the dress that is making you feel the best kind of butterflies in your stomach, that should be your wedding gown :-)))

2. Many brides think their first appointment is all about getting a feel for their unique bridal styles and tastes- and that is true! Having said that, don't rule out that you may very well find your gown at your first appointment. After all, that's what you're here to do! So, make arrangements ahead of time to have things in place should you purchase your gown during this appointment. Make sure your important people are at your appointment (or are available to facetime/skype), be prepared for the chance that you may be making a financial commitment to your dress, and, most of all, be emotionally prepared for the fact that you may find your gown on your first go 'round! It happens more often than you may think!

3. Our appointments are 90 minutes, and believe it or not, that time seems to run out pretty quickly when you're trying on gowns. If you are trying on a gown and just aren't feeling it for one reason or another, try not to spend too much time in it. Move on to the next gown. We want you to have enough time to try on your top contender gowns (which should be limited to 2-3 choices) at the end and accessorize each of those choices to help you better envision the complete picture and aid you in narrowing it down to THE dress.

4. Most of our samples are a bridal size 10 or 12, and bridal sizing tends to run smaller than "normal" clothing. For example, if you're a size 4 in a cocktail dress, you are probably a size 6 or 8 in wedding dresses (we know, it should really be the other way around, lol!). So, when you try on gowns, they are not going to fit you perfectly, or very well at all for that matter. We have toolkits in each of our dressing rooms to cinch fabric here and let out fabric there, so that we can basically recreate the gown in your size once it's on you. Once you are all cinched and clipped, you should have a very good idea of what the gown is meant to look like once it's in your size and altered.

How much should I expect to spend?

Our special order gowns range from $1100 to $5000, with most of those gowns falling in the $1200-$3000 range. We also have a great sample sale rack. Our sample sale gowns range from $1100 to $3000, and most of those gowns are around $1100-$1500.

We require a 60% deposit on any special order gowns and 100% on all accessories. The gown balance is due when your gown arrives. We require sample sale gowns to be paid in full at time of sale, as you will be taking the gown with you when you leave the shop that day. 

What sizes are your sample gowns?

Most of our gowns are bridal size 10 or 12. Bridal gowns tend to run 1-2 sizes smaller than regular clothing. So, if you're a size 6 in normal clothing, you can expect to be a size 8 or 10 in bridal (this sizing is so silly, we know, lol!). We have select gowns in sizes 4, 6, and 8, and we have an ever-growing selection of gowns in the 18-26 range (right now we have about 10 gowns that are a size 16 and up). Our samples are not going to fit your perfectly. They are most likely going to be too long, as well as too large or too small. We have pedestals to give you an idea of what the gowns are meant to look like at the right height, as well as lots of other small tools to nip and tuck fabric as necessary in order to help you envision what you will look like in the gown in the right size and after alterations. 

Who should I bring with me?

We recommend bringing 1-2 trusted family members or friends with you. We are an intimate store and our viewing areas can not accomodate more than 3 people at a time. If you bring more than 2-3 people, the extra individuals will not be able to hang out in the viewing area with you (which is where you come out of the dressing room and look at yourself in a 3 way mirror in front of the rest of your party), thereby perhaps unintentionally excluding them from the fun and excitement of being involved in your appointment.

What do I bring with me?

It may sound corny, but it's important to bring an open mind! Often times a bride will have her heart set on a particular dress or shape, and when she tries it on it doesn't make her feel the way she thought it would. Our consultants are wonderful listeners, and they will pick up on what you're responding to and can make suggestions based on that. Dresses never look the same on hangers as they do on the human body, so if a consultant suggests you may like a particular dress that does not appeal to you on the hanger, go ahead and give it a whirl, it just may be the one!

At times a strapless bra and/or some shapewear can be helpful to bring with you, as we do not supply those at the shop due to the intimate nature of such garments.

Also, if you have a hard time making a decision on your own, we'd recommend bringing 1-2 thoughtfully picked confidantes with you!

What is your photo policy?

We understand that in this day and age of camera phones, it's difficult to make a large financial and emotional (and fashion!) decision without being able to take lots of pics and analyze them. However, as a brick and mortar shop we need some way to protect ourselves from people taking advantage of our time, expertise and merchandise by trying on gowns with us, taking photos, and then using those photos to help them purchase elsewhere. For this reason our photo policy is that you may take photos of the dress you choose AFTER you commit to purchasing it that day.

We are proud to be a small business that is 100% female owned and operated. Wildflower Bridal is our passion and our livelihood. We take our photo policy seriously and we ask that you do as well. 

What about alterations?

Wildflower Bridal is pleased to offer in-house alterations on all gowns and accessories purchased at our shop. However, if you already have someone in mind, it is by no means a requirement that alterations be done at or by Wildflower.

We recommend that you begin the alterations process about 2 months before your wedding or bridal portraits. If you do alterations through us, we are able to accommodate a shorter timeline as long as we, yourself, and our alterations expert are all available at those selected dates and times.

How far in advance should I buy my dress?

We recommend you buy your dress at least 6 months before your big day. Dresses usually take 4-5 months to arrive make, and then we need to allow some time for alterations.

Most of our designers offer rush options for additional fees. If you think you may need a rush, please let us know and also be ready to make your gown selection at your first visit.

Help! My wedding is 1 month away and I don't have a dress!

We will do our very best to help you find a dress for your big day. We're good at thinking outside the box! We also usually have a great selection of gowns on our sample sale rack.

What's a trunk show?

Trunk shows are special events that usually take place over the weekends, during which a designer's entire collection of sample gowns is available for brides to try on and purchase at the store. Check out this article we wrote that explains trunk shows more in-depth.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer 10% incentives at trunk shows, but only for gowns by the trunk show designer.

Where is your store located?

We're located just off I-26 within Biltmore Park Town Square (not Biltmore Village), on the same street as Thirsty Monk. We're right between O.P. Taylor's toy store and Painting With a Twist. 

What else do you sell other than wedding dresses?

We pride ourselves on our accessory selection, and most people who walk in the door comment on how unique and beautiful they are! We have lots of one of a kind sashes/belts, some headpieces, gorgeous earrings and all other kinds of jewelry, sparkly straps, and of course we have a great veil selection! We do not carry shoes, gloves, or fur.

We really try to focus on the bride, so we do not carry bridesmaid attire. 

We have a small selection of mother-of-the-bride/mother-of-the-groom dresses and gowns.


Do you have any vendor recommendations?

Yes, we have a ton! Asheville is lucky to have a plethora of talented wedding industry professionals, and there are vendors out there for every style, taste, and budget. Just tell us a bit about your vision for your big day and we'll be happy to refer you to vendors we think will be well-suited to you. Unlike many other stores across the country, we do not have any kind of programs in which vendors pay us to refer them to brides. We just love helping our brides and vendors, so we play wedding match maker a lot :-)

Some examples of vendors we can recommend: venues, wedding planners, florists, photographers, caterers, pastry chefs, videographers, live music, dj's, the list goes on and on!

How do I know when I've found my gown?

There is no "one size fits all" answer to this. Some brides get "that feeling", and some brides don't, and that's ok! Here are some tell tale signs that you have probably found your gown. Again, you may not experience all of these, just 1 or 2 (but maybe more):

-getting married suddenly feels real- you may get emotional

-you can envision yourself at your ceremony and reception in the dress

-you still feel like yourself, but the most beautiful bridal version of yourself

-you feel beautiful, elegant and confidant in the gown

-you have that indescribable feeling of giddiness while you're in the gown

-you're not thinking about any of the other gowns you've tried on, or you're thinking about how you like this dress so much more than any other gown you've tried on

-suddenly no one else's opinion matters

-on the contrary, everyone else in your party agrees with you that this could be "the one"

-you don't want to take off the dress- you could stare at it for hours

-you don't feel the need to continue trying on gowns

-you can't stop smiling

-you feel no need to sleep on this decision